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What do you understand by erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction describes men’s inability to attain a firm erection when engaging in intercourse. Also, it is known as “impotence.” It can occur due to ample of reasons. Men face this condition when bearing extreme stress. Additionally, relationship or emotional stress can counter to cause erectile dysfunction among men. This doesn’t relate to each sexual issue faced by men. The dysfunction can occur in different forms faced by men such as low sex desires, no ejaculation, untimely ejaculation, or detained ejaculation. This condition creates a major difficulty in one’s life when an individual faces the condition regularly, which creates a compelling situation not to indulge in any sexual intercourse steer clear feeling of embarrassment. Though, some men face the problems related to erection on occasional timings. On the contrary, some men don’t hold the strength to erect as per the sufficiency requirement throughout the intercourse. With this condition, men don’t stand as infertile since some may reach to orgasm and enjoy being a happy father. It just creates a difficulty among men to maintain a consecutive erection. 

What is the common rate of erectile dysfunction occurrence?

Erectile dysfunction is experienced between different men in a varied manner. Few men face a complete dysfunction, though others just end up facing unsatisfactory moments. With the overall consideration of erectile dysfunction range, reports reveal that about 15-30 million population of men face it. However, the cause may include aging as a factor since men tend to require a high level of stimulation after certain years, though elder men manage the condition and get enjoyment during intercourse. With the consideration of the aging factor, it is rightful to note that the occurrence of erectile dysfunction raises due to aging. About 15 to 25% of men at the age of 65-years-old face ED throughout intercourse. It can also occur due to the existence of some physical causes such as excessive drug intake or injury. ED is associated with both mental as well as physical conditions and may even result in raising the population of men to face it. Not only the elders, but young men also get affected by the condition of ED, though the reports are seen commonly in older men. About 50-60% of men aging from 50-60 years report to face the mild conditions of ED. In a Journal study related to sexual medications, there is4ttyu94 seen a whole different viewpoint and it came up with suggestions that about 26% of young adults aging below 40 years get problems with erectile. And from the count of 26%, quite a large number suffer from severe erectile dysfunction symptoms which results in impotence too. This might be possible as young adults are more prone to drugs or smoking than the older age group. All such factors are linked which results in creating difficulty for a researcher to report the actual count.

What are the root-causes behind erectile dysfunction?

If you experience the condition of ED for a long time, then it signals to an early warning depicting the bad mental and physical condition regarding your health. So, the root-causes behind erectile dysfunction can arise from either mental or physical conditions. When studying the whole process regarding men’s sexual excitement, it can be learned that the process stands complex, including certain factors such as muscles, brain, blood vessels, anxiety, hormones, and stress. Often, both psychological and physical factors also contribute towards ED. With just a minor poor condition physically, one can get to face the mild symptoms of ED which can result in high levels of stress and anxiety, as a result, making ED worse. Commonly, some physical root-causes which led to symptoms of ED include diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disorder, Parkinson’s disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, high level of blood pressure, congested blood vessels, Peyronie’s disorder, alcohol or drug abuse, prostate cancer treatment, spinal or pelvic injuries, past surgeries, tobacco or nicotine intake, and sleep troubles. It can be a single cause related to physical condition or a combination of deadly causes which can result in men facing conditions of ED. When talking about the root-causes occurring due to psychological factors, the main emphasis goes on the brain since it is the main body part comprising the power to send trigger signals to all kinds of senses. The main body part which is the brain can even come into interaction with the natural desires for sex which can do worse to ED. Certain mental conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety, and others also invite danger signals. Distress can even occur due to a bad relationship or poor interaction with your partner. With the existence of such negative mental conditions, it can raise the negative thoughts which can cause more harm to ED and results in an unavoidable condition. With the embarrassment for failing in satisfying your partner or attaining a situation for your partner’s pregnancy, you can feel lower self-esteem which can create troubles in the day-to-day routine jobs and maintaining a balance in personal and work life.

How to treat the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

Once the successful diagnosis is done, run for a treatment option under your doctor’s consultation. Usually, the options available for treating ED depends upon the root-cause or underlying reasons behind it. As a valid option to cure ED, oral medications do hold a great value. With the intake of Vardenafil, Sildenafil, Avanafil, or Tadalafil, one can feel a penis muscle relaxation process as these works by enhancing the existence of natural chemicals in the body. Among all other options, a common treatment is done by Sildenafil. Originally, it came into the market to treat the conditions of blood pressure, though, during the late 1990s, it attained approval to cure the symptoms of ED too. Sildenafil starts its working process after a gap of 15-30 minutes from its intake and the effects with the medication last for a longer period of about 3-5 hours. It raises the level of blood flow to the penis and helps in attaining beneficial results. For a long-lasting effect, Tadalfil is also famous as it works similarly just as Sildenafil. It comes under the brand name of ‘Cialis’ and it can help attain long-lasting results until 36 hours after its intake. During the 2000s, Verdenafil came in the introduction and it can be a perfect remedy to choose as an alternative option to Sildenafil. Once you’ve intake Verdenafil, it will start its process after an hour and can help the results to last for 5-8 hours. This medication regard as an extremely strong one which is the main reason why it is better to intake a small dose as compared to Sildenafil. Oral medications do come with several aftereffects such as visual changes, upset stomach, burning heart, headaches, and much more. The range of medications doesn’t end up here only as some other options include Alprostadil urethral suppository, Testosterone replacement, and Alprostadil self-injection. Alprostadil’s urethral suppository relates to the procedure wherein the penis gets filled with just a small suppository which results in the creation of erection for just over 10 minutes and it can last up to 30-60 minutes. Testosterone replacement is usually beneficial among men who face the symptoms of ED due to the underlying cause of lower testosterone levels. On the other hand, Alprostdil’s self-injection depicts a process wherein the base of the penis gets injected with the needle. The effects with self-injection continue to last for an hour until erection happens. If there is a failure experienced with the medications, then some other treatment options can be useful, such as implants, surgery, or using penis pumps. Additionally, it is equally beneficial to participate in psychological therapies and exercise to cut-down the causes associated with psychological conditions.